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Here's How It Works!

YOUR Personalized Owner's Safety Command Center

We customize a safety center for each store's location!
Which includes your

1) Customized Owner Online Command Center

2) Customized Employee Sign-Up Page

3) Access to all Restaurant Safety Posters

Employees Sign Up

We build a customized a webpage for EACH location so your employees can sign up for safety. Employees can access this page from their phones, tablets, or computer. So convenient!

Safety Posters Included

We also provide choice of 7 matching safety posters for each of the 13 training modules. All included.

We Deliver Safety Training

We send out email reminders every 28 days to your employees reminding them to take the new OSHA compliant restaurant safety training module. Continual reminders help improve safety awareness.

Every 28 days your employees will get engaging online micro-learning safety training on subjects like Cuts, Burns, Slip-Trip-Falls, etc. 13 safety subjects in all.

Employees Pass a 10 Question Quiz

After your employees watch the training they must pass a quick 10 question scenario-based quiz at 100%. They can take as many times as needed to get 100%. Ensures understanding.

Certificates of Completion

If OSHA comes calling, you can prove that your employees have and understand the knowledge  they need to think-safe, work-safe, and be-safe. 

To make it easy to document who took and understood safety training, each time one of your employees take a quiz and passes with 100%, they get a certificate! Keep a copy in your safety notebook or in a digital online file to prove you've been providing the best OSHA Restaurant safety training available to your crew!

Easy Peasy! 

We do it all for you. Simply sit back and watch your restaurant employees work safer each and every day.

Compliance training is required by OSHA. But it doesn't need to be a hassle.

Let us take over the burden of employee safety training for your restaurant's crew.


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