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About Restaurant Employee Safety Training

Hey Rockstar Safety Trainers!

Thank you for trusting me to take the pain out of OSHA restaurant safety training. What do I mean by that? I mean that making sure your employees have the safety training they need without you having to take a lot of time or effort to deliver that training, is a really good thing.

So we do all of your OSHA compliant safety training for you. You sit back and watch your restaurant employees work safer every day. 


Cause one thing I know, time is the 1 thing, as a restaurant owner or manager, that you don’t have much of.

We do the work for you, you take the credit and reap the benefits.

Not only that, your employees will enjoy watching our OSHA safety videos.

Have you seen some of those other guy’s compliance training videos?

Most aren’t even really made with the restaurant industry in mind.
They’re kind of like a second thought.

  • And they are boooorrring
    Big time Yawn!
    And if you’re employees are bored, they’re not watching.
    And if they’re not watching, they’re not getting the info into their heads.

And to get people to watch boring stuff is like pulling teeth.
Let ‘s face it, do YOU even want to watch that stuff?

What you need, is a simple, easy to use system, that will keep safety at the foremost of your employee’s mind. When you can do that, you’ll have what I call, Restaurant Safety Heroes ™. Your employees will begin to think safe, work safe, and BE safe!

That's why I've created Restaurant Employee Safety Training Videos. Fun, effective, and affordable compliance training, that your employees will enjoy watching!
Because I believe that training should be fun!
These aren’t your grandfather’s safety training videos.

And guess what else?.....Every 28 days I send out an email for your employees to take the next Safety Module.


Because folks forget about 90% of what they've learned every 30 days*. So, just before your employees have a chance to maybe forget, I'll remind them again with 13 amazing, fun, and memorable safety training subjects which are delivered every 4 weeks, jam-packed with info! Because, as you probably already know, every time you reinforce training, the rate of decline reduces. This is why I send out new training every 28 days. To help solidify safety information through active recall.

And here's something else that's really Rockstar cool:

After an employee watches the fun and informative safety video, they get an opportunity to take a quick quiz to ensure they understood (ok, well at least r.e.a.l.l.y listened to) the information. 

They can take the quiz as many times as necessary to pass. AND, once they do, they get a certificate that YOU can keep in a notebook or digital file to prove they took and understood the OSHA compliant restaurant safety training!

You can keep track of who's doing what, without any hassle. 

You don't have to do a thing! This is OSHA compliant employee safety training on auto pilot.

Ok, except to schedule time (like a half-hour each month) for them to watch the new info. But each jam-packed video is 17 minutes or less. Which leaves about 13 minutes for a quick assessment test annnddd voilà! OHSA Safety training Done and DONE!

  • Yes!  YOU can be become a Rockstar safety trainer, and still have time to run your store. No more messing around with Bingo games or other such "safety training" that takes up your precious time and...let's face it...doesn’t work anyway.

Every 28 days your employees will receive new restaurant employee safety training in subjects like, Cuts, Burns, Fire Safety, Chemical Safety, Blood Borne Pathogens, and more. 13 amazing and fun to watch videos each year. And I'll even include the posters that match (just in case you want to put them up in the back of the house for extra reminder).

And when you sign up, I’m Gonna Customize a Private Training Area; Just For YOU!


Cause you want your employees to feel special. And when they know "YOU" have set up this special training page just for them, well....WOW! When they know you're serious about employee safety training, they'll get serious about their safety training. 

Oh, 1 last item. This one's really super cool! Your employees don't have to use a computer to sign up, or to take the training, or the tests. They can do it all from their smart phones. Just think, no more computer in the back of the house that could get stolen, or drinks or food spilled on it, or....eeeeeyaaahhhh. 

Simply schedule your employee to come in 30 minutes early, or to stay an extra 30 minutes, (or to take the training during those slower times, if you have any). Time to lean is now time to clean, and…..then to take safety training!  :0)

Oh, and did I mention that this is the safety training that saved one 12-unit restaurant chain over $189,000 in worker's comp savings-in 1 year alone!

I've  been in the hospitality, restaurant industry for 30 years; as a GM for both full-service and fast food and as an HR trainer for a 12-unit franchise. So, I get it. Been there, done that, in the trenches. I've made this whole OSHA compliance safety training thing as easy to implement as possible. Cause, you know, time is the one thing you don't have to spare.

If there's any way I can help serve you and/or your employees better, please let me know.

  • When your employees know they are safe in their work environment, they are happier.
  • And when they're happier and safer, you have less accidents
  • When you have less accidents, your Worker's Comp Multiplier NUMBER goes down
  • When your Workers Comp Multiplier number goes down, you SAVE big money!
  • And when you save big money, your bottom line gets better
  • When you bottom line gets better and bigger you net more money!

Let's go make you a lot of Restaurant Safety Heroes™!


Yours in safety,




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