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PROTECT YOUR RESTAURANT from crippling OSHA fines and injury lawsuits !


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OSHA Compliance Safety Training
for Restaurant Employees

OSHA fines can be crippling. But did you know that in 2019,
the average OSHA fine for a restaurant was 
over $13,000!

Restaurant, kitchen, and other food-service environments present a significant number of safety risks due to the presence of cut and burn hazards, slip-trip-fall hazards, chemical hazards, dangerous equipment, and more.

Proper employee safety training is non-negotiable, but it doesn’t have to be a hassle.

Our OSHA Restaurant Employee Safety Training Delivery System provides your employees with information that covers all areas of OSHA Compliance based on restaurant industry safety standards.

Protect your bottom line!

Keep Your Restaurant Safe for Employees and Guests


Trained employees means fewer accidents and injuries, and less payouts for Workers Compensation. Our training program saved one restaurant franchise over $189,00 in a single year.

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No need to buy expensive manuals, create tests, use your managers for training, or hire someone to come in. We handle the entire process from start to finish at a fraction of the price.

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Our fun, eye-catching video course content, fun badges, and certificates keeps employees engaged from start to finish. Follow-up quizzes are provided to ensure training material sticks.

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Each employee has their own account to watch and learn anywhere on any device, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, and computers. No need to provide computers in the employee areas or leave trainees sitting in your managers' office alone!

Protect Your Restaurant Business
from Costly Accidents!

Reduce the risk of legal and financial issues due to negligence or lack of proper OSHA safety training in your restaurant. It is not enough to watch a video – employees must retain and comply. With our OSHA compliant restaurant employee safety training system, managers spend less time fixing messes and more time managing your business.

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Protect Your Restaurant Business
AND Your Employees

Get Affordable, High-Quality Online Safety Training for Your Restaurant’s Employees

Frequently Asked Questions

We've made it as simple as 1-2-3

1) We'll set-up special customized web pages for you and your employees

2) Your employees will sign up for the online restaurant employee safety training

3) We'll take it from there!

For a step-by-step of all that's included, CLICK HERE NOW


There are 13 fun and engaging OSHA Restaurant Safety Training modules, all created specifically for the restaurant industry. 


Fire Safety



Slips, Trips, and Falls


Personal Protective Equipment PPE

Safety Data Sheets SDS


Youth Safety

The ABCs of Fire Extinguishers

Lifting and Your Spine

Emergency Exits and

Blood Borne Pathogens

To see why micro-training is so effective: Click HERE

We deliver effective employee safety training FOR YOU.

You simply sit back and watch your restaurant employees work safer each day.

New training every 28 days reinforces safe work habits

Created especially for the restaurant industry

Fun, micro-learning videos keep employees engaged (bye bye boring videos!)

Quick 10-question quizzes with each module ensures understanding

Instant Certificates!
Upon 100% completion of quizzes, your employees get a certificate you can keep to prove they took and understood the safety training.

We take care of emailing your employees to remind them to take the next training module

Your managers will never again have to prep for or conduct an employee safety meeting again!

We do the work.
You take the credit...oh yeah, and reap the benefits!

Heck no! If you don't feel this is the BEST and most effective and affordable (not to mention easy) OSHA Restaurant employee safety training delivery system you've seen, cancel anytime.

And Keep any downloaded Safety Posters as Our Gift to You!

Because we love this industry and understand it.

We know what slim margins you're running.

We're trying to help you save your bottom line, not destroy it.   :0)

"I believe every restaurant employees should have access to effective, fun, and affordable OSHA safety training." Rose

The OSHA Restaurant Employee Safety Program

How to create an Accident Prevention Program (APP) in Your Restaurant


Let us take the worry and hassle of OSHA safety training off your plate. Get Started Today!


Protect Your Restaurant Business
AND Your Employees

A Restaurant Safety Hero

What one happy restaurant owner has to say about
Restaurant Employee Safety Training Videos


It's never been more convenient or affordable to build the safety awareness skills of your entire team.

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“Training for restaurant workers to do their jobs safely is an investment that will pay back over and over again in fewer injuries and illnesses, better morale, lower insurance premiums and more!”



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